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Katherine Culbert, Candidate for Texas Railroad Commission.
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Katherine Culbert working in oil and gas field.

About Katherine

Katherine is a Process Safety Engineer from Houston with over 20 years of experience. As a small business leader in the oil & gas industry, Katherine understands the desperate need for a new leader at the Railroad Commission.


An experienced leader, Katherine understands the importance of oil & gas for the Texas economy and believes we’ve got to hold corporations accountable, enforce safety standards, and protect our environment.


With your help, Katherine will be a voice for everyday Texans and work to ensure we thrive and prosper.

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The Texas Railroad Commission, despite its name, has little to do with railroads today. Instead, it is a powerful agency that plays a crucial role in regulating one of the largest oil and gas industries in the United States. Established in the 1890s, the Commission initially oversaw the operation of railroads and telegraph systems. Over time, its focus shifted primarily to energy, particularly in overseeing the exploration, production, and environmental safety of oil and natural gas.

This Commission is significant not just for Texas but for the global energy market, given Texas' role as a major oil and gas producer. It issues permits for drilling, enforces industry regulations, and works to prevent waste of natural resources. The Commission also plays a key role in environmental protection related to oil and gas activities, such as monitoring for pollution and ensuring the safe operation of pipelines. Its decisions and regulations can have broad implications for energy prices, environmental health, and the economy of Texas and beyond. The three-member commission, elected by the state's voters, holds substantial influence over Texas' energy policies and, by extension, the state's economic health.

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As a Process Safety Engineer with over 20 years of experience, I am deeply committed to operating our industry with the highest regard for safety, protecting both our workers and communities. The Railroad Commission's mission should be to serve Texas through a concern for personal and community safety. This means strict adherence to safety protocols in every aspect of oil and gas operations, ensuring not only compliance but also a proactive approach to preventing accidents and environmental damage.


I believe in strict accountability for corporations in the oil and gas industry. It's essential to question and scrutinize their actions, particularly when they seek exceptions to regulations. We must ensure these multi-billion dollar corporations are considering the impact their operations will have on surrounding communities and the risks they might pose. We have over 8,000 documented orphan wells in Texas, and this number only scratches the surface. I am determined to enforce policies where companies are held accountable for safely plugging wells, not just for a few years, but indefinitely, protecting our state's groundwater, air quality, and quality of life for Texans.


Transparency within the Texas Railroad Commission is a cornerstone of my campaign. I aim to challenge the status quo and question how decisions are made, especially when it comes to corporate influence and campaign contributions. It's vital that the Commission's actions are driven by the best interests of Texans, not by corporate donations. As your Commissioner, I will work tirelessly to ensure that every decision made by the Commission is transparent, fair, and puts the safety and well-being of our communities first.

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